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About CommonHealth
CommonHealth (The Coalition for Maternal-Neonatal Health and Safe Abortion) is a membership based network of Individuals and organisations from across the country.
The goal of CommonHealth is to advocate for better access to and quality of maternal-neonatal health and safe abortion services. We engage with issues of women’s gender and reproductive health and rights through a broad-based advocacy strategy to bring together and mobilise citizens, health providers, researchers, administrators, policy makers and others to identify significant gaps that exist in maternal-neonatal health and safe abortion in terms of health outcomes and women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.
CommonHealth has implemented a wide range of activities to further its objectives since its inception. While maintaining maternal and newborn health and safe abortion as its focus, the activities undertaken within these themes have varied in response to the situation at hand. For example, activities around maternal health were mainly around local advocacy and capacity-building, while activities around safe abortion have combined campaigning at the national level with local advocacy and capacity-building. 
Why CommonHealth?
Because in India: One woman dies every seven minutes from complications of pregnancy, childbirth or unsafe abortion.

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