About us

What we do

  1. Provide thought leadership and influence the sexual and reproductive health discourse.
  2. Organize capacity building and discourse influencing workshops with diverse actors such as policymakers, state officials, grassroots organisations, researchers, lawyers and healthcare providers.
  3. Disseminate relevant information among CommonHealth members and at various local, regional, national and international fora.
  4. Support, facilitate and mentor advocacy projects at the grassroots level.
  5. Build evidence about the status of sexual and reproductive health and rights for advocacy at local, national and international levels.
  6. Provide a forum for members to share their experiences in meetings and through social media.
  7. Provide opportunities for peer-support and learning through collaborative initiatives among members.
  8. Mobilize advocates to adopt a rights-based and gender equity perspective.

What We Do?

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

CommonHealth aims to raise visibility of the unacceptably high mortality and morbidity among pregnant women while also highlighting the lack of access to safe abortion services in different parts of the country with a focus on marginalised communities.

The mission of the coalition is to mobilize advocates from different constituencies to:

Ensure effective implementation of relevant policies and programmes.

Contribute to the development of new policies and advocate for change in existing ones, when needed.

Build a rights-based and gender-sensitive perspective among communities, health care providers, researchers, academicians, administrators, elected representatives and the media.

Our Vision

CommonHealth envisions a society that ensures the right to the highest attainable standards of reproductive and sexual health for all, especially for women and marginalized communities in India.


Steering Committee Members

Bijayalaxmi Rautaray

Ms. Sanjeeta Gawri

Souvik Pyne


Programme Implementation Committee

Kuldip Chand Nangal

Dr Balasubramanian

Rahi Riyaz Ahmed

Dr. Arvinder S. Nagpal

Pawan Kumar Sheokand

Subha Sri

Mr. Rajdev Chaturvedi

Ms. Priya

Dr. Bhuvaneswari Sunil

Dr. Alka Barua

Ms. Renu Khanna